2022 The Fantastic Santa Cruz Retreat



The Fantastic Santa Cruz Retreat Is Back!!! JULY 18-22

In-Person at Pema Osel Ling – Limited group number


The weekend continues – Optional:


In-Person at Shambhala Voice Studio – Small Group Teacher’s Training _ July 23 & 24


ファンタスティック・サンタクルーズ・リトリートが帰ってきました!!!!  7月18日~22日







少人数制の教師用トレーニング _ 7月23日&24日




These powerful times invite radical transformation, to raise awareness of oppressive systems and to focus on the cause of our personal and social empowerment and reinvigorating our creative expression. This weekend is an invitation to bring out more inner joy, wisdom, and inspiration by connecting with the source of Deep Listening and Free Our Voices, in order to give more love and re-enchant the world around us. In times of physical distancing, more than ever we must grow as a healing community together and support our artistic aspirations and the generative power of making music in community. 









according to accommodations | All included; teachings, lodging, and delicious food, extraordinary creative music collaborations, and trans-formances. 



$1300 before June `20, $1500 after – Single big rooms & Single big cabins (only 4 available)


$1000 before June `20, $ 1150 after – Double Rooms & cabins



$850 before June 20, $1000 after – Camping (150 acres of sacred land)


IMPORTANT NOTE: the indoor single and double occupations will be sold out in few days. Register soon. Outdoor space for camping and trailers is plenty and beautiful. We encourage participants to invite friends and family to share rooms. Covid regulations will be followed and vaccinations will be a requirement to attend the retreat. 











6月20日までは$1300、それ以降は$1500 - シングルルーム&シングルキャビン(4室のみ利用可能)


6月20日までは$1000、それ以降は$1150 - ダブルルーム&キャビン



6月20日までは$850、それ以降は$1000 - キャンプ(150エーカーの神聖な土地)








Shambhala Voice Studio – Small Group Teacher’s Training _ July 23 & 24


Tuition: $300 – non-residential 


シャンバラ・ヴォイス・スタジオ - 少人数制教師用トレーニング _ 7月23日、24日


授業料:300ドル - 宿泊は含みません。